Penalties For Marijuana Possession

Unlike some states, marijuana is not legal in the state of Texas. Those found selling or possessing marijuana can find themselves in a dire situation facing serious and long-lasting consequences.

Possession of Small Quantities

Law enforcement in Texas has strict rules with regards to the possession of marijuana. Carrying up to two ounces can lead to jail time as well as a hefty fine of up to $2,000. Anything over four ounces is considered to be a felony, which has more serious consequences including longer prison sentences.

Selling Marijuana is Bad News

People who are caught selling marijuana have even higher consequences. The sale of even a minimum amount of cannabis can lead to a maximum of a half year in jail and a fine. Selling a large amount can result in a minimum five year prison term. Felony charges start with the sale of just a quarter ounce.

First-Time Offenses

Each district court in Texas can choose the ultimate fate of a convicted person. Rather than require prison time, some district court judges will give first-time lawbreakers the opportunity to enter into a rehabilitation program. This program is available only for those in possession of small quantities.

If your caught, you'd better get help

If you have been charged with marijuana possession in the state of Texas, you will need help in fighting your case. Criminal defense attorneys understand your situation and can help get the charges dropped or reduced in severity.